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Our values drive our innovation

At TUNAP, we are convinced that prevention is better than cure. A properly maintained vehicle is a more durable vehicle that consumes less fuel.

We do everything we can to implement this mission:

  • By anticipating future standards
  • By developing treatments that are fair to health and the environment
  • By creating packaging that is as carbon neutral as possible
  • By surrounding ourselves with reliable certification bodies recognised for their seriousness.

Whether it's cleaning, caring, protecting, binding or lubricating, from active ingredient concentrates to finished aerosols, you get the best of TUNAP innovation.

Towards carbon neutrality

It's a term we've heard a lot since the Paris Agreements.

Signed in 2016, they set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 worldwide. But what exactly does "carbon neutrality" mean? Carbon neutrality is a fair balance between man-made greenhouse gas emissions and their absorption by the atmosphere. Today, our emissions are higher than their absorption. And this is precisely what is causing global warming.

How can we do this?

First of all, by reducing our own emissions: eco-designing our containers and packaging, favouring renewable energies for the transport of goods, increasing the lifespan of products, etc. We can also create "carbon sinks" for better absorption: with reforestation actions, ocean cleaning, etc.

What about TUNAP?

In early 2021, we developed our first carbon neutral container, the TUNBottle. Read more about it (french version only)

Our environmental responsibility

Is it possible to develop chemical products and be eco-responsible? Yes, and that is what TUNAP has been working on for 50 years.

Working for the automotive sector also means being aware that the production, transport, distribution and use of our treatments have an impact on the planet. So we might as well make it as positive as possible, right?

  • The Humain Technology range is NSF certified and the Airco Well range is ECARF certified.
  • We produce locally. Our 3 factories are located in Germany or Switzerland.
  • We are currently developing solutions for electric vehicles and testing them on our own electric vehicles.