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Injector and Fuel Protection | LPG


Diesel, Super petrol, E10, B7: The choice at the petrol station is increasingly complex. Internationally varying legislations, highly developed motor technology and increasingly stricter emission standards are the reasons for a reduced harmony between engine and fuel.

The chemical processes in fuel systems generate contamination, deposits, coking and varnish.


  • Increased emission
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Susceptibility to faults
  • Expensive repairs
Système Injecto Clean
microflex® 984
Injector Direct Protection Diesel
Microflex® 937 Nettoyant intensif pour injecteurs - ESSENCE
microflex® 974
Injector Direct Protection
Microflex® 938 Nettoyant intensif pour injecteurs - DIESEL
microflex® 979
Injector Direct Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaning - Comparison